Mediobanca International


Customers may file a complaint to the Bank through one of the following means:

  •          registered letter with return receipt to: 4, Boulevard Joseph II, L-1840, Luxembourg;
  •          e-mail addressed to:

The Bank shall respond within one month, however if it is not possible to give an acknowledgment within the deadlines set by the procedure, the complainant shall be provided with information on the causes of the delay and the response time expected.

If following the analysis carried out by the Bank the complaint is deemed to be well-founded, the Bank shall communicate the actions it undertakes and the times of implementation. On the other hand, if the complaint is deemed to be unfounded, the Bank shall provide a clear and exhaustive explanation of the reasons for rejection as well as the necessary indications as to the right of recourse to the Regulator.

The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (hereinafter “CSSF”) is the relevant Authority for receiving complaints from customers of financial professionals under its supervision and for intervening with these professionals with the aim of settling the complaints amicably.

If (i) within one month after having sent a complaint to the Bank, the Complainant has not received a satisfactory response nor an acknowledgement of receipt, (ii) the complaint is considered as admissible by the CSSF, the Complainant can file a request for out-of-court complaint resolution with the CSSF. Based on CSSF Regulation 16/07, are not considered as admissible the following requests:

  • Requests that are/have been subject to another alternative dispute resolution body, arbitrator, arbitration tribunal or a court (in Luxembourg or abroad);
  • Complaints that concern the business policy of the professional;
  • Complaints that concern products or services of a non-financial nature;
  • The Complainant has not filed a request with the CSSF within one year after she/he filed a request with the professional;
  • Complaints that are unreasonable, frivolous or vexatious.

Details regarding the out-of-court resolution can be found on the CSSF website (